11 Signs you may have a thyroid condition

According to the American Thyroid Association 12% of Americans will have a thyroid condition in their lives and suggests that at any given time. 27 million people have a thyroid condition and don’t know it. Even if you have had your TSH ran and is normal that does not mean you don’t have a thyroid condition. TSH misses most of the patterns that lead to thyroid symptoms. TSH is the standard test run by most physicians, but this test alone is not enough to rule out autoimmunity or other complications that are treatable and may not require medication.

The thyroid in simple terms regulates metabolism and is a butterfly shaped gland on the throat. The thyroid plays a very critical role in the regulation on many functions in the body. There are many tests that a physician needs to run to give you a complete diagnosis. So if any of these signs sound familiar make sure your doctor checks more than just TSH.
With that said lets take a look at 11 common signs to look for, you may have some but not all.

Weight Gain or loss
The thyroid controls your metabolism. So if you have a low functioning or hypothyroid you will tend to gain weight and the opposite if you have hyperthyroid.

High Cholesterol/ triglycerides
If your metabolism is slow your cholesterol will go up in response.

Without proper thyroid hormone levels you may feel tired even with after 8, 10 or 12 hours of sleep. The thyroid plays a major role in your body’s energy production.

Cold/Hot or Random Sweats
Decreased thyroid function will cause lower body temps and circulation making a person feel cold. Increase thyroid function will make a person feel hot even causing sweating for no reason.

The thyroid will even affect brain function creating depression, anxiety, or nervousness.

With decreased thyroid function the digestive track slows down causing constipation. With Increased thyroid a person can have diarrhea.

Thinning hair
A person with low thyroid can show for thinning brittle hair and the loss of hair in the outer 1/3 of the eye brow.

Muscle Soreness
This can occur from a decrease in recovery due to a decrease in metabolism. However on the other side of this is hyperthyroid which causes muscle wasting or break down due to a hyper metabolism.

Lump/goiter on your throat
In some cases one reason due to iodine imbalance which can cause thyroid imbalance the thyroid can swell causing a visible lump on the throat that looks like the throat is swollen. Other possibilities are Graves, Hashimotos, Thyroiditis, Pregnancy, and cancer.

Dry/oily skin
Your skin directly reacts to the function of the thyroid so if its hyper you sweat and produce more oils. If you’re hypo your body will become dry.


-Jaban M. Moore, DC

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